2020 what have you done for me? You have taught me so many things that I am so grateful for. You brought my family and I closer together to spend quality time with one another. You gave me time to just pause and cocoon. To put myself first using self-care and self-love tools. I saw for the first time the strength & courage I have always had within me. I found that feeling the fear it brought me back to love. I can say whole heartedly you gave me the greatest gift I could have ever asked for. I gained a clearer perspective to a higher level of consciousness that has given me a blissful and content life. No matter the circumstances of our lives, we all have the power within us to embrace and recognize how everything and everyone is connected. How much we say and do really does matter. Let go of judgment and see others as the same as you. Look at the world from a new light! Be the positive link in the connection!

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