I have always believed in angels, collected angels, & even talk to my angels, it wasn’t until I lost my parents that I began to get signs, nudges and messages. This is when I began to lean on them and communicate with them more. Whether it’s angels, the universe, God, or source, I believe in a higher power that exists to help anyone who desires spiritual assistance. I believe Angels work on behalf of this higher power which bring us comfort when we are emotionally low, knowledge and insight to help us along our path, healing when we are sick, and inspiration to achieve our greatest potential.

I’ve learned that we all have our very own guardian angel who stays with us throughout life. We also have access to the powerful archangels. One of my favourite and who I work with a lot is Archangel Michael!

It is through my own self discovery and healing this past year I feel their angelic energy of love and support. I’ve learned to connect, communicate and heal with my spiritual team through journalling. This is how I discovered how to communicate with my parents. I now journal with them daily!

I often get signs, nudges and messages that are subtle intuitive insights that are given to help guide me in the best direction.

God created angels for the purpose of helping, healing, serving and protecting us. Angels are the messengers who take our prayers to God as well as delivering God’s answers and blessings to us in ways that is always for our highest good. So the next time you are in a place of feeling alone, scared, worried, fearful or sad talk to your angels! They are always listening!

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