When your heart hurts with grief, does it ever go away, NO! It’s been 4 years since my Daddy became my guardian angel and 3 years since my sweet angelic Mom became my guardian angel too. Her grief after losing my Daddy was so painful for her, I believe 13 months after his death she died from a broken heart. We talked a lot about how much she missed him and how much she wanted to be with him. To my surprise this was only a few short days before she had told me this, I received the call no one ever wants to get. I don’t even know how I drove to her house in the state i was in. To see paramedics over top of her trying to bring her lifeless body back to life was the most painful sight to see and feel. I went numb. All i remember was screaming and crying. I felt like my entire world was collapsing. First my Daddy and now my sweet Momma. After being rushed to the hospital, they continued to work on her as our family came together one by one to be with her. When she took her last breathe it was in that very moment I felt my LIFE would never be the same. As a child I always believed my parents to be invincible, kinda like superhero’s. As an adult i know this not to be true, however secretly I still wished it was. It’s been a long road and there is never a day I don’t think of them or miss them. I may not be able to see them in their physical form. However, I can feel and see them in their spiritual form. I have been given the gift to now correspond with them everyday through signs and through automatic writing. It is a gift I cherish very close to my heart. Has it helped me to heal, YES! Do I still have days when it hurts, YES! That will never go away. It’s looking at life through the eyes of LOVE. Seeing the blessings of when they were here and holding onto those memories. Cherishing every birthday i was able to celebrate with them for over 50 years. It’s seeing them in my children, my brother, my cousins and soon to be my granddaughter. It’s taking a step back and seeing the memories of the LIFE we had together, NOT the LIFE we have apart!

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