Love vs. Fear

Did you know that you can rise above everything when you choose LOVE over FEAR.

When we feel emotionally attacked, blamed, or criticized in some way, we experience fear, even if we are not consciously aware of it. Our ego is threatened. As a result, we react from a place of fear, which means defending our ego or attacking back.

When we see through the eyes of love we set our own ego aside long enough to listen to the experience of the other, to be courageous enough to be willing to try and understand what the other person is experiencing. It is to have the strength to understand and open our heart to what the pain is that the other person is trying to express. Listening with love in our heart as if we were just ears hearing, not ego getting involved.

To live from love not fear, is to shift our mindset of protecting our ego, of being right, or winning the argument, by actually being kind & being loving in our actions. It is to be that good person, the courageous person, who is brave enough to open their heart and be love even when our ego is screaming in fear.

It is in these moments that our strength is present when we choose love over fear, as we are rewarded not only with the knowledge and confidence that we have done something incredibly challenging and beautiful, we are given the opportunity of seeing through the eyes of LOVE!

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