Love Yourself

Growing up we are taught the importance of excelling in school, our career, being number 1 in sports, so why are we not taught to self care and self love. It is such an important part of who we are, I believe. It empowers us to show our strength through adversity, courage and bravery through our toughest battles and traumas in life. It is the number one ingredient to making us whole!

Brushing what we don’t want to face under the carpet & not facing our fears, only pushes the pain deeper inside of us until one day we just fall apart!

I’ve been there! I can say it’s a very lonely place to be. You feel helpless, unloved, broken, & lost. It’s dark and painful. Depending on what pushes you over the edge. For me losing my parents, well, lets say I was not prepared for what would unfold. Losing their constant encouragement, support, guidance and unconditional love in my life hit me hard. What surprised me was they knew something I didn’t, it was something I heard my entire life! I was strong! I was loved and to never forget you are a Sobocan! It was within me all along! Strength, courage, bravery and love!

We may feel ashamed or embarrassed to ask for help or to reach out! It may even get so bad no matter what any one does to try to encourage or help you, only you will help you when your ready! What I went through and experienced this past year saved my life! I wanted to be better for me so I could be the Mom, the sister, the friend and especially the daughter I was raised to be. I for the first time in my life LOVE ME!

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