Self Care Commitment

How do we move through the fear and self doubt? By nurturing yourself. By planting new seeds and watching them grow on fertile soil. Start by making some kind of daily promise to yourself. So many people overlook this in their lives, but it really has the power to impact you so positively. That is to commit to something. One thing! It could be the smallest thing. For example, I am going to commit to making my bed everyday, I am going to commit to waking up at as certain time everyday, I am going to commit to going for a walk everyday, these are just little things. I am going to commit to getting out of my pj's everyday and putting clothes on cause it helps me to stay motivated in my life & more present. I am going to commit to 5 min of meditation everyday because it grounds me. Making a small promise to yourself and keeping one consistently for 21-28 days and then add another one, and another one, you will start to actually change. When you "fail" which I call a learning lesson on what we can do differently or nudging us into a new direction, its not what we have done that is so terrible. We have failed to our systems. The systems we have in place. The foundations we have laid the ground work for are not stable, so we failed to our own working systems. Meaning our habits. We have failed our own habits. That is why we often don't get where we want to go or become who we want to become or live our life in the way we want to live it. I feel committing to a self care practice will bring into fruition more love, joy, & happiness. It has worked for me! Try it, commit to at least one thing every day. If you miss a day, it doesn't mean that you failed it means the following day you get back up and you keep going. Don't beat yourself up for missing a day. Doing this will help ground you in reality. Seeing yourself completely unglued and falling apart day after day because your systems are not working. In reality you are falling prey to the habits that are not working for you. So in order to create and build your foundation up and be an active participant in your life you have to start showing up! Making a routine to access your power! Allow yourself to have a new beginning by allowing yourself the space and the grace to try something different or something new. Maybe in the past you have never been able to fully accomplish a self care practice and this is where you are stuck. Maybe you are stuck in this, it never worked, so why would it ever work for me now. When in reality you just need to take a more logical approach. Don't rely on how you felt in the past & conceptualize new ways of it working.

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