Self Love

Does this look familiar?!

I know I can say it looks so familiar to me! This is me! It wasn’t until I realized that the more I was giving to others, the less I was giving to myself! Just like that, lightbulb moment! It was time to start filling my own cup. We all want to help others, give to others, and love others in our life. That’s ok! But when we are not loving and making ourselves happy first! We are not allowing others in our life to grow and learn. We are also only depleting ourselves of growth too! I’ve learned this past year when I focused on my own self care and self love it amplified in ways I could have never imagined! This journey has shown me and taught me so much! Loving my self first shown me a happiness greater than any happiness I had ever felt! It has been inside of me all this time! For the first time I could feel it! Then, that happiness within me began to spread all over to others in my life resulting in healed relationships with family and friends. It brought more value to my life! Why?! Cause I put the love & care into me first! Today, I share my biggest take away on self love and self care! When you love yourself first watch it grow like wild fire on everyone around you! It’s quite amazing!

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