This is ME! Strong Beautiful Resilient A Warrior

Updated: Jan 11

I created this page in memory of my parents Steve & Clare Sobocan. It is with their constant love, strength and guidance I began my journey back to love. My intention is to inspire others through my own life experiences by showing up for myself everyday through self-love and self-care. I will share with you my own spiritual growth and healing. To be empowered, held accountable and reminded everyday that all the answers we are looking for are within. My passion is and always has been in helping others, but never myself! Once I started to show up for myself everyday with the help of many therapists and a life coach. I was able to begin healing. It is the tools that I was given that allowed me to nurture and strengthen myself. By learning to live in the moment, to let go of what is no longer serving me for my highest good and to move forward with confidence, strength & clarity. I created a space of love.

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